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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Winter Walk

Living in Wisconsin you have to deal with winter weather for what seems like FOREVER (6 months of the year)! You acclimate to the cold, the grey sky and snow. It's depressing after a few months to say the least. That being said, my pictures this time of year reflect my mood and how I see winter here in the north.

I went out for a winter walk near our house. I wasn't expecting to get any amazing shots, it was really to just be out of the house and be creative. It was dead quiet with only the snow crunching under me as I walked. I managed to be silent long enough to see a few deer running around and then fast away as they spotted me.

Getting my camera to see things they way I do and to get my vision across is challenging. Using photoshop I can get very close to what I feel is winter in my eyes. Below are just a couple images that represent the dark, gloom and isolation of winter to me.

This image here is of a tree that has died a long time ago. I felt it would look best black and white contrasting off the snow and darker trees in the background. 

So this was taken in a spring fed stream and while the original image was decent, it didn't show what I was envisioning when I was there. So photoshop to the rescue. 

~ Christian