March 7, 2014

Halfway To Fearless

We did it again!

My friend Beverly came to me with another design that she was wanting. For so many reasons she felt that the name Halfway to Fearless fit her way more than Baby Weights did right now. We have done a few designs together, so we know how each other works, and we get stuff done in NO TIME!!!

After working together for like two days we came up with her newest design!
This blog has only been up and running for a couple of weeks, and it is already taking off! I am so proud of her! Make sure you take a look and check her new site out!

March 3, 2014

A Happy Little Life

I have, once again, been so awful about updating the blog portion of my site when I complete projects. I swear I will get better at this, but it takes a little time. lol.
A couple of weeks ago I finished a project for a client/friend that I am pretty darn proud of.
When we started she mentioned loving a simple black and white pallet with pops of bright colors. That is exactly what we did and I could not be more in love with how it turned out. And it totally suits her personality too. I LOVE when a blog actually suits the person behind it. It's like your getting a glimpse of them when you look at it. 

So make sure you go over to her blog and check her out. You will not regret it one bit! She is amazing!

March 2, 2014

Marc Warren's Birthday Board

Not too long ago I did a birthday board for a friend of mine. She posted it on her instagram and I had a couple of other people show interest in getting another one made. Shortly after she posted it Kat showed interest in having one made for her son's birthday pictures and his party as well. I decided to try something a little different and just have fun with this one. You know what? I happen to LOVE how it came out! I can not wait to see how it looks when she prints it!
I have noticed after these two projects just how much I am loving working on printed items! Business cards, invitations, birthday boards, etc... It's all so fun to work on. I hope to have more projects like this in the future.

December 29, 2013

Sloan's First Birthday, And I Helped!!!

I have this amazing friend named Amanda! This friend has the cutest little boy ever names Sloan. Sloan happens to be turning one next month and Amanda contacted me asking me if I would be willing to help her make birthday party invitations.

Honestly this was something that I haven't ever worked on before, but I am always willing to give something a try for a dear friend!!!
Once we finished the invitation she thought that maybe some little signs to frame around the house for the party would be fun too! So we set to work on those as well!
After these were done we thought that a poster size birthday board would be fun!!!
So far the party decorations are coming along! Now it comes to after the party! Who doesn't love coordinated Thank You cards!!! I mean really! 
Okay, I know that I may be a little biased... But I am IN LOVE!!! I wish I could be there because knowing Amanda, and all of this that we created, this party is going to be amazing!!!